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Dashknobs for Sale

We offer various styles and colors of knobs offered with or without cables for your vehicle.

DisplayTired of looking for those impossible to find dash knobs/cables to complete your restoration?

Now you no longer have to use broken, cracked, faded or generic knobs. We offer various styles as shown below in 20 types as follows:

  • horn
  • fog lights
  • lighter
  • trippe lights
  • lights
  • wiper
  • starter
  • choke
  • throttle
  • francisco heater
  • hood
  • manifold heater
  • vent
  • panel lights
  • overdrive
  • free wheeling
  • heater
  • trunk
  • defroster
  • Spark Control

on black or colored plastic with 10/24 threaded brass insert with or without cable or metal knob with cable and 8/32 threaded insert.


Product # Picture Description Price (each)
I knob 6

New beautiful metal knobs in chrome or satin, now available with 6' cables too.

(knob ONLY)

(knob and cable)

II knob 1

All have 7/8" diam. face, white lettering on black background

(with or without cables)

(knob ONLY)

(knob and cables)

III knob 2

Any of the above copy face labels are also available on silver metal knob with beveled edge as shown here with 6' cable.

$25.00 ea.

IV knob 3

Choke and Throttle (embossed 1" face brushed aluminum ) with 6"' cable

$25.00 ea.

V knob 4

Free Wheeling polished molded aluminum knob with 6' cable (1-1/2" diam. x 3/8' thick).

$75.00 ea.

VI knob 5

Colored knobs available with or without cables (see specs for product II)

(knob ONLY)

(knob and cables)

VII (No Picture Available)

Custom Made Glove Boxes using your sample and/or dimensions

$50.00 ea.

VIII (No Picture Available)

Labels only

$5.00 ea.

Ordering Information:

Please send check, bank or postal money order.Please include shippingand handling. Sorry no credit cards. Send special inquiries to:

3151 County Trunk J
Verona, WI 53593-9085
(608 845-7855

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