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Chrysler Labels For Sale

Since 1966, your reliable, authentic source for dash gauge labels, for most 1924-34 Chrysler Corporation cars. The following is a list of dash gauge labels for various Chrysler product cars. All labels are on vinyl peel off stock to beautify your dash authentically. Its quite possible that manyl of these may fit vehicles other than those listed because of the many gauges, knobs and instruments cluster variations within years, makes and models. The knobs are ideal for many later models and other makes as well because original replacements are nearly impossible to find.

1924-27 Chrysler dash labels $35/set
1928-30 Plymouth & many other Chrysler product cars dash gauge labels (white on black) $35/set
1928-30 Dash knobs w/ 6 ft. cable for all above 1924-30 cars. $25 each See product III on dash knobs listing page
1929 Chrysler gauge labels$35/set (black on white)
1929 Chrysler dash gauge labels $45/set (gold on black)
1931-32 Plymouth dash gauge labels $35/set (white on black)
1931-34 Plymouth dash knobs w/ 6 ft. cable $25 ea. (all other Mopars, too). See product IV on dash knobs page
1931-32 Chrysler dash gauge labels $45/set (black on white)
1932 & newer Free wheeling knob w/ 6 ft. cable $75 ea. See product V on dash knobs page
1937 Plymouth dash knobs labels (4) $40/set (black on silver) for cars & trucks
1946-48 Chrysler dash knob labels (5) $50/set (black on silver)

Ordering Information Please send check, bank or money order made out to Floyd Carlstrom. Please include shipping and handling. Sorry, no credit cards. Send special inquiries to:

Floyd Carlstrom
3151 County Road J
Verona, WI 53593-9085 USA
Phone 608-845-7855


A Family Business Since 1962

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