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About Carlstrom Car Parts and Dashknobs.com

Floyd Carlstrom I have been an antique car hobbyist since the early fifties. After searching in vain for authentic knobs for a 1930 roadster that I restored, I finally decided to produce my own.

As time went on, and in talking with other classic car owners, I was encouraged to reproduce these. I then realized that many cars were actually lacking these vital parts due to breakage, cracking, or having them dissapear altogether. Other knobs were without proper identification from years of wear and tear. So, after retiring, I began offering these knobs for sale more actively. It actually provides a real service for this great hobby.

The dash of any vehicle is one of the most prominent and conspicuous parts. To have all of the proper controls with proper identification is your assurance of safe, enjoyable motoring.

We now offer five styles of knobs in 20 types as follows:  
Horn, fog lights, lighter, trippe lights, lights, wiper, starter, choke, throttle, francisco heater, hood, manifold heater, vent, panel lights, overdrive, freewheeling, heater, trunk, and defroster on black plastic with 10/24 threaded brass insert, and new beautiful metal knobs in chrome or satin now available with 6' cables too with threaded 8/32 insert.



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